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New stories happened every day, and the fast pace of life always made us ignore many things important. These I promise wristbands are good reminders which can remind us to do what we want to do but ignored.

This batch of I promises wristbands has many colors for option. Blue and white are the two of them.

Checking the fonts on these I promise wristbands, we can find that the debossed technology was taken here, the theme of these custom made wristbands “I promise” was debossed with color filled. After the color filled, the theme on these rubber wristbands custom cheap looks more stand out. Wearing such awesome wristbands to remind you of keeping promise.

Come to GSJJ for customizing your meaningful wristbands no minimum, the best services will be guaranteed.

Custom wristbands Size: 8"*1/2"

Thickness: 1.5mm

Style: Debossed with one color filled wristbands

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